Kangs Solicitors represented the Defendant in this matter who was facing an allegation of Conspiracy to Defraud. The City of London Police originally arrested him in 2010. It was being alleged that he was involved in an Advance Fee/Fresh Air Invoicing fraud on Barclays to the value of £23million.

The Defendant was a bookkeeper at a well-known trading company. The prosecution case was that the factoring facility that the company had with Barclays was being abused with fresh air invoicing.

The case involved the detailed analysis of company accounts and trading procedures, the instruction of computer expert and many hours of hard work with the Defendant due to late service of thousands of relevant emails weeks before the trial.

After a 4 week trial at Southwark Crown Court the jury failed to reach a verdict.

As a result of submissions made on our client’s behalf, the Prosecution agreed not to have a further trial and not guilty verdicts were returned in relation to our client.

Counsel in the case was Alan Kent QC from Carmelite Chambers and Nicola Howard from 25 Bedford Row.

The case was conducted by Zahir Ahmed of Kangs Solicitors.

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