Kangs Solicitors has been instructed to represent a former member of HM Prison Service, who is under investigation for conveying controlled drugs, prescription medicine and electronic items into a prison.

At the present time, the police are analysing seized items, including mobile phones, to ascertain whether or not they consider that there has been any criminal offence committed.

The Relevant Law | Kangs Criminal Law Advisors

A person who knowingly brings into a prison a prohibited article will be guilty of an offence governed by section 40 of the Prison Act 1952.

That Act only referred to spirits and tobacco, however, the effects of section 22 of the Offender Management Act 2007 makes it an offence to convey a variety of articles into prison; a full list of which appear at:

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At Kangs Solicitors we have an experienced team  which defends clients being investigated for or charged with crimes of every conceivable nature, including conveying prohibited articles into prison. 

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