The above quote was made by a Judge in open court in Birmingham last week upon settlement of Confiscation Proceedings in which Kangs Solicitors were acting for a client in proceedings involving the money laundering of thirty million pounds, much of which was transferred to China.

Difficult Considerations | Kangs POCA Defence Team

  • At a contested hearing the Prosecution would have asserted that there were ‘hidden assets’ based on the fact that a large amount of money had been transferred abroad;
  • with the result that the Confiscation Order would have been made to the value of the ‘benefit figure’ rather than the ‘ available amount’. [LINK to previous definitions];
  • and in such circumstances it is unlikely that our client would have ever been able to satisfy the debt due, with the result that he could, potentially, have faced an additional prison sentence in default, in the region of seven years.

Negotiated Resolution | Kangs POCA Trial Solicitors

Given the dangers facing our client at a Hearing a settlement was reached whereby:

  • the Prosecution agreed third party interests in a number of properties, as claimed by our client, and which was highly beneficial to him, certain assets were returned to family members.
  • a Serious Crime Prevention Order, designed to prevent re-offending, that had been drafted by the Prosecution in very strict terms was imposed in terms more favorable to him.

How Can We Assist? | Kangs National Financial Fraud Solicitors

At Kangs, we field a team of highly experienced solicitors accustomed to dealing with all aspects of financial fraud, including confiscation proceedings.

Some of the confiscation proceedings in which Kangs Solicitors have been involved are amongst the largest in value brought before the Courts and which have been defended alongside some of the most capable barristers specializing in the defence of confiscation proceedings.

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