A high profile investigation, labelled Operation H, was instigated against our client and his company, some 5 years ago.

The trial commenced this week and is expected to take around 6 weeks to conclude.

The case is being conducted by Hamraj Kang and Timothy Thompson of Kangs Solicitors.

Counsel instructed to defend our client is Adam Kane QC.

The Prosecution Case | Bribery and Corruption Allegation | Kangs Solicitors

The Crown alleges that various companies made corrupt payments to one of the defendants in the case who held a senior role within an institution that was responsible for awarding contracts for building and maintenance works.

It is alleged that these corrupt payments were made in order to ultimately secure lucrative and prestigious contracts.

Our client’s company entered into two contracts, which together are valued at around £1 million.

During the complex investigation conducted by the authorities, the Prosecution alleges that bribes were advanced in a covert manner and further that there is clear evidence of manipulation of the processes and payments systems used.

How we assisted the Client | The Defence Case | Kangs Solicitors

The preparation work done on this matter has been considerable and has required meticulous attention to the fine detail of the financial evidence presented.

The case has involved the analysis of the significant amount of paperwork that was generated during the tender process for the two contracts relating to our client and his company.

Dealing with and understanding the complex paperwork produced by the Prosecution was the first step. The second step in our preparation was to collect and collate all of the documents relating to the two contracts held on record by our client company.

Thereafter we proceeded to ensure that our client was fully aware of all the issues in the case.

All of this hard work has paid off as we are now in a position where we can start the trial and our client is fully prepared for the trial ahead.

Our Experience | Bribery and Corruption Cases | Kangs Solicitors

We are regularly instructed in relation to bribery and corruption cases.

We are often involved in cases of complex fraud, money laundering and regulatory matters and have extensive experience in providing advice from the outset of the investigation right through to the eventual trial at the Crown Court.

Please feel free to contact Hamraj Kang, John Veale or Timothy Thompson for a free initial consultation about your case. We are sure that we can assist progress of your case in a positive manner.