In two recent articles Kangs Solicitors have examined the nature of Judicial Reviews, outlined the procedures required and looked at the powers which can be exercised by the courts should it be considered that an injustice has been perpetrated or a rectifying procedure be made mandatory.

Strict time limits attach to all potential Judicial Review claims and it is essential that you seek immediate advice should a situation occur where you need to contemplate seeking such a Review.

In this third article we list some of those Departments, Authorities, Tribunals, Agencies and others whose decisions and activities may become open for review and explain how you may be able to fund any application which you wish to pursue.

The number of organisations issuing decisions or authorising activity affecting the lives of the population each day is endless and the following list is simply an indication of those whose decisions are frequently challenged by way of Judicial Review.

There are strict time limits applicable for all Judicial review claims and in many instances the limit may only be a maximum of three months.

Accordingly it is vital that you seek legal advice as soon as possible. The Judicial Review Team at Kangs Solicitors can advise you on the time limits that apply to your case.

How Do I Pay For My Case? | Specialist Judicial Review Solicitors

We shall advise you on the best way of paying for your legal advice and support and will always discuss and inform you how much your legal action is likely to cost.

As we understand that affordability is vital, we shall keep you informed as to costs at every stage and well in advance.

We endeavour to deliver the best service at a reasonable price and strive to keep the costs as reasonable as possible.

How can we help? | Judicial Review Defence Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors can advise you on the merits of your application for JR, assist you with the preparation of your application and the pre- action protocol letter, deal with all correspondence and represent you during your JR Hearing.

As all applications for JR are case specific and, in most cases, bound by very strict time limits, it is important that you seek specialist advice at a very early stage.

Kangs Solicitors Judicial Review Team is at hand to help you .We are passionate about our service and professionalism and can provide you with the right advice that is backed by our many years of experience.

Kangs Solicitors welcomes clients contacting us and we will provide an initial free consultation to discuss your matter with you.

Please contact our Judicial Review Team through any of:

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