The development and use of technology in the detection of crime increases almost on a daily basis.

Whilst for a number of years police and prosecuting authorities have been relying on what have become recognised and accepted appliances such as CCTV and Automated Number Plate Recognition, police in Germany have widened the scope by recently successfully relying  upon a ‘Health App’ (‘the App’) installed into  a suspect’s mobile phone.

Sukhi Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors comments on this fascinating development.

The Circumstances | Kangs International Criminal Advisory Team

As is now generally known, forensic analysis of an individual’s cell phone is able to identify the location of that phone, to within a few hundred metres, at any particular time when a call is made or received.

The use of such technology is now virtually standard police practice when engaged in the pursuit of, for example, drug dealing activity.

Even more specifically than this, police in Germany, during a recent murder investigation utilised  the App and although the suspect’s location was unknown at crucial times, the police analysed the data stored in the App which revealed that, at critical moments, there was a dramatic increase in activity which coincided with a vital part of the prosecution case, namely, the suspect dragging a body down a river bank, before climbing back up to street level.

Whilst, initially, the suspect refused to provide the police with the password for the mobile phone, specialist equipment can now easily identify the password.

In the UK, police can request a suspect to disclose pin numbers and passwords and failure to co-operate can constitute a criminal offence carrying a prison sentence of up to five years under s. 53 Regulation of Investigatory Powers Act 2000.

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