Kangs Solicitors has recently succeeded in assisting a client, a female Pakistani national, who had suffered domestic abuse, obtain Indefinite Leave To Remain in the UK.

Sharan Rupra of Kangs Solicitors explains the circumstances.

The Circumstances | Kangs Immigration Solicitors

  • Our client entered into an arranged marriage with a British Citizen and, after gaining entry clearance, entered the UK in March 2017.
  • Upon entering the UK, she lived with her husband and mother in law.
  • In July 2017 her husband’s behaviour changed and he began mistreating, abusing, physically and mentally abusing her.
  • In September 2018 our client was forced to start working in the UK with the result that all her earnings were seized by her husband and squandered on his drinking and social activities which he displayed on Facebook.
  • After our client’s husband told her that he was having a child with his girlfriend and that she should return back to Pakistan she suffered:
  • physical and mental abuse and humiliation from her husband and mother in law,
  • indiscriminate physical abuse when she failed to satisfy the demands placed on her,
  • coercive and controlling behaviour,
  • threats by her husband and mother in law that she would be sent back to Pakistan.
  • Accordingly, our client had no alternative other than to leave the family home and seek help from a Women’s Refuge.

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs Immigration Appeal Team

  • After taking detailed instructions, the Kangs team prepared and submitted in detail a DDV Concession Application on behalf of our client, which resulted in an initial three months visa being issued.
  • The Kangs team liaised with all the necessary bodies including the police, doctors, refuge and counselling charities and the Home Office.
  • We then submitted a SET(DV) Application together with all necessary supporting documents.
  • Having successfully proven that our client had suffered and faced further domestic abuse, she was granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK and, naturally, our client was delighted with the result that had been achieved for her.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Immigration Solicitors

If you are a victim of domestic violence, we are able to advise and assist you in seeking satisfactory immigration status in the UK.

The team at Kangs Solicitors is vastly experienced in assisting clients who wish to pursue immigration applications of every nature.

Our Immigration Team is also regularly instructed to appeal cases at all levels. 

Who Can I Contact For Help? | Kangs Immigration Solicitors

Please feel free to contact our Immigration Team through:

Mrs Sharan Rupra
07989 521 210 | 0121 449 9888 | 020 7936 6396