Kangs Solicitors client, Mr. L, was banned from driving his motor vehicle as the result of being convicted at Birmingham Magistrates Court of an offence of common assault.

The assault occurred when our client  used his vehicle to nudge a security guard out of the way at a speed of no more than one or two miles per hour.

The Law | Kangs Motoring Offence Team

A driving ban can imposed under Section 146 of the Power of the Criminal Courts (Sentencing) Act 2000, (‘the Act’), where a person is convicted of an offence within the Act committed after 31st December 1997.

A Court may, instead of or in addition to dealing with that person in any other way, order him to be disqualified from driving, for such period as it thinks fit.

Successful Hearing | Kangs Motoring Appeals Team

Kangs Solicitors lodged an appeal against the driving disqualification because it was considered manifestly excessive in all the circumstances of the case and that the sentencing Judge ought not to have exercised his power under the Act.

At the Hearing of the Appeal before Birmingham Crown Court the driving ban was quashed.

The case was conducted by Tariq Khan of Kangs Solicitors.

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