In our article posted to this site entitled ‘EncroChat Arrests’, we reported on arrests that had been made by law enforcement agencies in the UK and across Europe following successful access to the encrypted phone network called ‘EncroChat’ allegedly used by criminal networks.

Prosecutions of individuals charged with alleged criminal offences are now being pursued in Crown Courts and this has resulted in a challenge as to the legal admissibility of the material which was seized.

Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors now reports upon the circumstances leading to the Court of Appeal concluding that such evidence may properly be produced at court in support of a prosecution.

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The Court of Appeal Ruling | Kangs Encrochat Offences Defence Solicitors

During the course of proceedings before the Crown Court, the Judge found that communications had been recovered (intercepted) from storage as opposed to being intercepted at the time of transmission.

This decision by the Judge would result in the evidence which had been gathered being admissible at court in support of a prosecution and, accordingly, it was challenged and it came before the Court of Appeal for consideration.

Fundamentally, the Court of Appeal was tasked to decide whether, at the relevant time, the communications in question were being ‘transmitted’ or ‘stored’ in or by the telephone communications system. 

The Court of Appeal agreed with the Judge that the communications had indeed been ‘stored’ at the time of interception and could be used in evidence to support a prosecution.  

Accordingly, any further attempts to prevent such material from being presented during the course of a prosecution will be rejected which will assist considerably in the pursuit of prosecutions against suspected organised crime gangs.

The National Crime Agency has declared the Court of Appeal decision as the biggest breakthrough ever in the fight against organised crime.

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