We became a member of the European Union (EU) in 1975 effectively abolishing border control.

For the first time in history the British people have a say on whether they want to remain in Europe and will participate in the EU referendum which will be taking place on 23 June 2016.

The most hotly debated subject in the referendum campaign has been IMMIGRATION.

The current situation allows citizens within the 26 EU countries free movement to member states without having to obtain a visa.

Under EU Law the United Kingdom cannot prevent anyone from another member state from entering and residing in the United Kingdom, however, British citizens similarly benefit from being able to live and work anywhere within the EU.

Sharan Rupra, Immigration Specialist at Kangs Solicitors says:

“There is a school of thought that believes that the main reason that EU Citizens from other countries are attracted to the UK is because of the generous welfare and benefits system we offer. Although a majority of EU citizens who come to the United Kingdom contribute to our economy those who come without employment and financial stability are provided accommodation and support by way of certain state benefits. Those who come seeking employment normally work for a period of 5 years continuously and then apply for settlement”.

There is also a call from many for all passports to be checked and recorded on a system so that the UK Government is able to keep track of who is entering the UK from EU countries and that the Government/authorities from their home country also be notified of their entry to the UK. Many who advocate this view cite the fact that this will improve our ability to work together in order to deal with common issues such as detecting and defeating terrorism.

Clearly there will be implications for both EU and non-EU Nationals seeking immigration law advice following the outcome of the referendum on 23 June 2016. At Kangs Solicitors we are experienced in a wide range of immigration law matters and can offer early and effective advice to clients to safeguard their immigration position.

Please feel free to contact our Immigration specialist Sharan Rupra who will be pleased to assist you.