Kangs Solicitors has recently secured an excellent result for a client who was facing trial at Worcester Crown Court for an alleged offence of burglary.  

Helen Holder of Kangs Solicitors explains the circumstances behind this successful result.

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The Relevant Law | Kangs Theft Offences Defence Solicitors

Our client was charged with burglary which is defined under section 9 of the Theft Act 1968 as follows:

‘A person is guilty of burglary if—

(a) he enters any building or part of a building as a trespasser and with intent to commit any such offence as is mentioned in subsection (2) below; or

(b) having entered any building or part of a building as a trespasser he steals or attempts to steal anything in the building or that part of it or inflicts or attempts to inflict on any person therein any grievous bodily harm.’

The maximum sentence for an offence of burglary in the Crown Court is fourteen years imprisonment. 

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs Trial Preparation Defence Team

The team at Kangs Solicitors:

  • examined in detail all of the evidence served by the Prosecution in support of its allegations,
  • attended upon our client obtaining and discussing in detail his full instructions,
  • analysed the Prosecution evidence alongside our client’s instructions and advised him upon his position and the appropriate course to adopt,
  • conducted various enquiries using social media platforms which produced information which supported our client’s defence,
  • prepared and submitted representations to the Prosecution which, having considered them, agreed to accept a guilty plea to a lesser offence.

The Satisfactory Outcome | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

Having considered the detailed mitigation prepared and submitted by the Kangs team, the court punished our client with a modest fine.

Given that our client was aware of the maximum penalty that a court may have been entitled to impose of fourteen years imprisonment following conviction for burglary and seven years imprisonment for the offence to which he pleaded guilty, he was extremely pleased with the result achieved for him by the Kangs team.  

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