Kangs Solicitors has recently assisted a client achieve a favourable outcome in respect of Director Disqualification Proceedings issued against him by the Insolvency Service.

Timothy Thompson of Kangs Solicitors outlines the circumstances.

Anyone who is, or anticipates becoming, the subject of Director Disqualification should seek immediate expert guidance from our team which regularly assists clients facing such proceedings and which is nationally recognised for its work in Civil, Criminal and Regulatory investigations and court proceedings.

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The Circumstances | Insolvency Service Investigations Solicitors

Upon receipt of notification that Director Disqualification Proceedings were being pursued against him, our client instructed Kangs Solicitors to advise him upon his position and how to proceed.

Accordingly, the team at Kangs Solicitors:    

  • examined all of the material which had been served upon our client,
  • attended him taking detailed instructions as to the events leading to the issue of the proceedings,
  • advised him that in all of the circumstances it was apparent that, if the proceedings were defended, the Court would almost certainly accept the views advanced by the Insolvency Service.

Having accepted the severity of the proceedings which he faced and the advice which he had received, our client instructed Kangs Solicitors to endeavour to mitigate the allegations which he faced in order to secure the most lenient punishment available, avoid a court Hearing and also the substantial costs to which he would have been subjected had he contested the proceedings at court.

Accordingly, the team at Kangs Solicitors entered into detailed negotiations with the Insolvency Service with the result that the Insolvency Service ultimately agreed to settle the proceedings on terms which our client was very happy to accept and which included payment of only nominal costs by our client.

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It is of paramount importance that legal advice is sought as soon as possible to prevent matters from escalating.

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