The reporting of several high profile cases involving death or serious injury resulting from inadvertent consumption by individuals of foods to which they were allergic, has resulted in the Government conducting a full consultation.

Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors comments on the situation.

The Consultation Paper | Kangs Food Labelling Solicitors

The Consultation Paper states:

“It is crucial that consumers are provided with accurate and easily accessible information about allergens in foods, and clearer labelling will help to mitigate against consumers facing consequences that can be disastrous”.

The Legislation | Kangs Food Hygiene Defence Solicitors

The current legislation:

  • Food which is pre-packed such as, for example, a ready meal sold in a supermarket must be labelled with full ingredients, emphasising any food allergens. 
  • However non-pre-packed food such as food prepared on the day in the back of a shop and sold later in the day does not need to meet those requirements.  It is suggested that consumers may be misled into thinking that this food would not contain any allergens as none have been notified.  

The new legislation:

  • The government has confirmed that all foods must be labelled.  
  • This is considered the safest option for consumers as it provides them with the best information to make an informed decision, at the same time most effectively mitigates the public health risk associated with allergens.  
  • These changes will be made through amendments to “The Food Information Regulations 2014” and will not come into force until the summer of 2021 to allow businesses to adapt to the changes.  

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