Kangs Solicitors are instructed to represent a client charged with conspiracy to defraud. The trial has commenced at Southwark Crown Court and is expected to last for up to twelve weeks. 

Our client is one of five individuals who stand trial accused of committing fraud in relation to the sale of coloured diamonds as an alternative investment. It is also alleged that the proceeds of the criminal enterprise were subsequently laundered.

The prosecution allege that the sale price attributed to these diamonds was grossly inflated, to the point that they were not a ‘sound investment’.

How We Have Assisted Our Client | Kangs Trial Preparation Defence Solicitors

As part of the preparation for our client’s trial, the Kangs Solicitors trial preparation team has: 

  • attended our client throughout taking detailed written instructions.
  • discussed the charges our client faces with him thoroughly, advising upon his position and the appropriate manner in which to proceed.
  • selected and instructed specialist counsel to represent our client in court.
  • attended numerous conferences with counsel considering all aspects of the preparation of the defence case.
  • examined and considered thousands of pages of material served by the Prosecution including telecommunications data, banking evidence and financial material.
  • prepared and served all requisite documents throughout.
  • instructed a gem expert to provide an expert opinion on the value of the diamonds seized during this investigation.
  • attended all preliminary court hearings.

How Can We Help? | Kangs National Complex Fraud Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors has a dedicated team experienced in representing clients who are being investigated in relation to all aspects of alleged criminal activity including very serious and complex fraud. 

Every possible step is taken to ensure each client is properly guided and fully advised from the initial ‘Dawn Raid’ and Police Station process through to trial and we are happy to provide our clients and fellow professionals with an initial no obligation consultation.

If you need help and assistance in respect of allegations of criminal activity of any nature, please contact our team through any of the following:

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