The directors of Alsager Contractors Ltd (‘the company’) were recently prosecuted following an investigation by the Health and Safety Executive and the Environment Agency.

All three Directors appeared at Stoke on Trent Combined Court and pleaded guilty to various offences under the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974; the Environmental Protection Act and Environmental Permitting Regulations.

The Investigation | Kangs Health and Safety Offences Defence Solicitors

During a two year investigation which focused on management of waste facilities at three locations, investigators found evidence of:

  1. Waste containing asbestos having been kept or disposed of in a manner likely to cause pollution or harm to human health;
  2. Waste containing asbestos being deposited at a site without an environmental permit.

The Environment Agency had previously served a Prohibition Notice on the company prohibiting work on six trailers that contained or were contaminated with asbestos, except for decontamination purposes.

In due course it was discovered that a door had been cut into a trailer to enable access to the asbestos waste in contravention of the Notice, the Environmental Permit was suspended and thereafter revoked.

The investigation concluded that two of the directors had failed to prevent work which contravened the Notice.

Sentence | Kangs Director Disqualification Solicitors

In passing sentence, the Judge commented upon the “appalling” failures exposing the public and the environment to asbestos waste.

George Thomas Talbot was fined £46,500 and disqualified as a director for a period of seven years.

Anthony Thomas Talbot was disqualified as a director for a period of four years and fined £4,800.

Steven John Talbot was fined £6,000.

All three directors were ordered to repay costs of £200,000.

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