This week Cliff Richard finally discovered that no action would be taken against him after being under investigation for 2 years in relation to allegations of historical sexual abuse. South Yorkshire Police took the unusual step of naming him as a suspect even though he had not been charged with any offence. Furthermore the police raid on his home was broadcast live on the BBC.

Kangs Solicitors have been instructed in many cases involving allegations of historical sexual or physical abuse. Our team of solicitors are experienced in vigorously defending the client’s rights during the investigation stage of the proceedings and in presenting a robust defence case should the matter proceed to court and eventual trial.

For example, we have recently been instructed in relation to a wide-ranging Police investigation into the alleged historic abuse of pupils at a young person’s institution.  The allegations are said to span back many decades and the allegations relate to a number of alleged complainants.

Through our experience of conducting numerous such cases, we are fully aware of the severe stress and mental anguish placed on individuals accused of historical offences.   We strive to support our clients through this difficult time in every way required and to prepare them fully for the investigation and/or court procedure to follow.

Some examples of our recent cases in this area of law can be seen below:

Should you find yourself accused of any historical offence please contact Helen Holder at Kangs Solicitors in complete confidence and we will be happy to guide you through this difficult process.