It has been widely reported in the press that the results of up to ten thousand forensic tests, relating to a wide variety of crimes across forty two police forces may be deficient.

Currently, two leading laboratories, Randox Testing Services and Trimega Laboratories are being investigated by the police and a number of arrests have already been made.

Furthermore, the accuracy and reliability of results from other forensic testing providers are now coming under scrutiny.

Home Office Minister Nick Hurd stated:

‘Most drug tests from RTS between 2013 and 2017 are being treated as potentially unreliable. RTS was mainly commissioned by individual police forces when investigating criminal offences.’

The accuracy of forensic testing is paramount in a wide range of prosecutions involving, for example, driving whilst under the influence of drugs, violent crime offences (including murder) and sexual offences, as convictions for such offences frequently depend upon the results of such tests.

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If the outcome of your case was in any way affected by forensic evidence, whether you were convicted at trial or pleaded guilty, then you may well consider it appropriate to seek further legal advice.

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If you have reason to doubt the accuracy of results of forensic testing that have affected you then you should seek legal advice, regardless of which Forensic Testing provider dealt with your case.

Kangs Solicitors field an experienced Team accustomed to pursuing appeals against sentences handed down by all courts.

For more details please see the below link to a previous article published on 8 July regarding Criminal Appeals & The Criminal Cases Review Commission.

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