Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors represents six, of nineteen, individuals who have been questioned over a period of two years concerning an investigation carried out jointly by the police and immigration officers.

The investigation started as a result of an undercover BBC Panorama probe into the issue of tests and exams undertaken by candidates as part of an application for a Visa to remain in the UK.

The BBC Panorama programme alleged that a number of language testing centres had been set up with “fake sitters” answering questions on behalf of applicants.

Conspiracy to Defraud Investigation | Kangs Expert Fraud Solicitors

The investigation is a large scale investigation into a Conspiracy to Defraud between 2011 and 2014.

A number of search warrants have been executed at our clients’ addresses and a number of them were arrested.

Others were interviewed on a voluntary basis.

Due to the length of the investigation, Kangs Solicitors successfully applied for bail to be cancelled, on behalf of our clients who were affected, due to the length of the investigation and its complexity.

However, the investigation continues and is likely to do so for some considerable time.

As the result of the detailed investigations conducted by Kangs Solicitors at this pre-charge stage, it is anticipated that some, if not all, of our clients, will not be charged with any offences, which will, of course, be  a tremendous relief to them.

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