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Entertainer Visitor Visa Solicitor

What is an Entertainer Visitor Visa?

The Entertainer Visitor Visa is necessary for those who wish to visit the UK for a short time to participate in music and arts festivals, charity events, the fashion industry and similar events and includes assessors, lecturers and media personnel etc.

It is available to nationals of all countries outside the European Economic Area and Switzerland.

In order to make such a visit, it is necessary to obtain a Standard Visitor visa for Entertainment purposes and to enter as an ‘entertainer visitor’.

Basic Entertainer Visitor Visa Requirements

To qualify, an entertainer visitor must demonstrate that:

1. he or she is aged 18 or over.
2. it is only intended to visit the UK for a short period with a maximum stay of 6 months.
3. the visit is for a genuine entertainment ‘permissible’ activity such as:

  • taking part in a music competition as a professional entertainer
  • participation in broadcasts or public appearances, provided no payment is involved
  • taking part in an audition, provided it is not in front of an audience (either paying or non- paying)
  • an amateur entertainer coming for a specific engagement as an individual performer
  • part of a group of entertainers (such as a choir or orchestra) coming for a specific engagement
  • a professional entertainer taking part in a charity concert or show, provided that the organisers are not making a profit and no appearance fee is being paid
  • an amateur or professional entertainer taking part in a cultural event sponsored by a government or recognised international organisation, or major arts festival
  • it is intended to leave the UK at the end of the visit and that the costs of the onward journey are covered.
  • There must be proof that there are sufficient funds available to cover maintenance and accommodation expenses without working in the UK or without the need to recourse to UK public funds, or that there is adequate third party support available for the duration of the stay.

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An Entertainer Visitor Visa is also available to a person who is:

1. a member of the technical or support staff of an amateur or professional attending the same event e.g. bodyguard, press officer, dietician.
2. an official attending the same event as the entertainer e.g choreographer, stage manager, designer.

Entertainer Visitor Visa Document requirement:

To be successful, the applicant must show appropriate documentary evidence, such as:

  • Confirmation and details of the particular event/purpose of the visit.
  • If employed – letter from employer approving the period of leave, details of employment, duration, position, salary, and when expected to resume work.#
  • If self-employed – evidence of business activities, accounts and financial credibility.
  • Evidence of ties to home country – such as ownership of property, business, economic, land, family ties.
  • Evidence of travel plans – ticket bookings, hotel, itinerary.
  • Bank statements for last 3-6 months.
  • Evidence of additional savings.

To be entitled to an Entertainer Visitor Visa an applicant must:

  • not intend to study in the UK
  • not take paid or unpaid employment, produce goods or provide services including the selling of goods or services directly to members of the public in the UK
  • not intend to marry or register a civil partnership in the UK
  • not intend to receive private medical treatment during the visit
  • not be a transit passenger to a country outside the common travel area

Grant of Entertainer visitor Visa

An Entertainer Visitor Visa entitles the holder to:

  • visit the UK for a maximum period of six months for the purpose declared
  • switch to the points based system to complete the job specified on the certificate of Sponsorship

If the permitted period is exceeded, the visitor will become an ‘over-stayer’, which status will adversely impact upon any future immigration applications to the UK.

Refusal of Application

An applicant who is refused an Entertainer Visitor Visa will receive a detailed letter explaining the reasons for the refusal and a fresh application will need to be submitted, if the visa is still required.

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