In an article posted to this site on September 27th 2019 the nature of both the Article 4 European Convention of Human Rights 1950 and the Modern Day Slavery Act 2015 were explained.

Sharan Rupra of Kangs Solicitors furthers that article by reference to forms of modern slavery that appear to be developing in the UK.

Forms Of Modern Slavery | Kangs Immigration Offences Team

  • Forced labour – work or services which people are forced to do against their will under threat of some form of punishment
  • Debt bondage – occurs when people borrow money which they are subsequently unable to repay and are instead required to work by way of repayment of the debt in circumstances where they are exploited in respect of the conditions and terms of such forced employment.
  • Human trafficking/servitude – which involves transporting, recruiting or harbouring people for the purpose of exploitation and which involves the use of violence, threats or coercion.
  • Slavery/child slavery – forced labour or servitude with an additional element of claimed ownership i.e. a slave is a person over whom any or all powers attaching to ownership are attached.
  • Forced and early marriage when someone is married against their will and cannot leave the marriage.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Slavery and Immigration Offences Defence Solicitors

The law relating to immigration, people trafficking and modern slavery is highly complex and is frequently changing. 

If you are a victim or are aware of anyone who is a victim of any such illegal activity we will be able to advise and, where necessary, assist by referral to, for example, an appropriate organisation such as the National Referral Mechanism.

In respect of immigration issues, Kangs Solicitors fields a team with vast experience assisting clients in the pursuit of immigration applications of every nature. 

Our Immigration Team is also regularly instructed to appeal cases at all levels. 

If you find yourself in a position whereby you require immigration advice on any matter then please do not hesitate to contact our team.

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