Further to the recent similarly titled article posted to this website Timothy Thompson of Kangs Solicitors now outlines the manner in which such mediation is conducted. 

The civil litigation team at award winning Kangs Solicitors is well versed in assisting Companies, Directors and Individuals in respect of commercial disputes. 

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Procedure | Kangs Mediation Solicitors

  • As in all mediation processes, a mediator has to be appointed, normally through agreement between the parties.
  • The mediator will usually suggest the platform which is to be used for the conduct of the mediation and arrange for the general mechanics of the operation which will reflect the number of parties and the nature of the dispute.
  • Given that the various parties will be located in different areas, possibly including foreign countries, communication is generally via video conferencing platforms such as Zoom and Microsoft Teams.

The procedural steps mirror those of traditional formal mediation including:

  1. Preparing mediation bundles (to be uploaded electronically).
  2. Signing of the mediation agreement.
  3. Introductory remarks.
  4. Statement of the problem by the parties.
  5. Information gathering time.
  6. Identification of the problems.
  7. Negotiation.
  8. Settlement.

Features Of Remote Mediation | Kangs Dispute Resolution Solicitors

Benefits include:

  • Cost

Remote Mediation dispenses with the need to travel thereby removing this expense. Additionally, the cost of suitable accommodation is avoided.

  • Time

This mediation process is, generally, quicker enabling parties to deal with the preliminaries more efficiently.

Potential Disadvantages:

  • Communication

Albeit Remote Mediation is designed to mimic face to face mediation, it is very difficult to replicate the efficiency of communication between the parties in a physical meeting. Moreover, due to varying internet speeds, the effectiveness of remote mediation can be hindered by unreliable technology. 

  • Commitment

Mediation from an office or home may lead to a lack of commitment as opposed to the discipline of having to attend a hearing room for which payment has been made.

  • Fear of Technology

As the computer lead process is still in its infancy, there are those who foster an immediate wariness for the extent of reliance upon such technology.

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