Online dispute resolution (‘ODR’) is a dispute resolution process utilising technology in the pursuit of the resolution of disputes between parties and incorporates negotiation, mediation or arbitration, or a combination of all three.

Whilst ODR is, effectively, the online equivalent of Alternative Dispute Resolution it extends the process by applying creative and online technology.

Although ODR has been available for around twenty years, the procedure was not commonly adopted and was generally considered only appropriate for low value claims. 

However, technology and social necessity are now driving the process forward at great speed.

The civil litigation team at award winning Kangs Solicitors is well versed in assisting Companies, Directors and Individuals in respect of commercial disputes. We often represent clients who have opted to undertake mediation in the pursuit of settlement of civil disputes.

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  • The adoption of ODR, also now referred to as Remote Mediation (‘Remote Mediation’),  has recently increased as the result of the personal contact restrictions resulting from the Covid 19 pandemic and it is to be anticipated that the procedure will remain and be developed, given the convenience of bringing together disputing parties without the cost and inconvenience of travel.
  • Remote Mediation is now a fundamental presence in commercial dispute resolution and many such disputes are satisfactorily resolved in this manner.
  • The move towards the acceptance of Remote Mediation is highlighted by the fact that any party who refuses to adopt the procedure without a reasonable explanation may well subsequently incur costs sanctions.  
  • Video Conferencing platforms are constantly developing to try and mirror the historical face-to-face environment of meditation with Zoom and Microsoft Teams currently predominantly featuring.

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