Following an investigation by the Medicines & Healthcare Products Regulatory Agency, (MHRA), a defendant has been found guilty of supplying Class B and Class C drugs between September 2015 and April 2016 and sentenced to six years imprisonment by Croydon Crown Court

Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors sets out the circumstances.

The Circumstances | Kangs Drugs Offences Defence Team

  • MHRA Officers seized a substantial quantity of Codeine Phosphate tablets from an address in Stoke on Trent in 2016 which were traced to a Pharmacy where the defendant worked and which belonged to his mother.  
  • MHRA discovered that the defendant had regularly purchased far larger quantities of controlled drugs than would normally be dispensed from a high street pharmacy and that he had sold medicines on at least twenty three occasions to an organised crime group.
  • The medicines, which were collected from the pharmacy by the gang and shipped around the country, included Class C Drugs Diazepam, Zopiclone, Lorazepam and Termadol being prescription only medicines.

The Hearing | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors

Following his guilty pleas the defendant was sentenced to six years imprisonment at Croydon Crown Court and Confiscation proceedings are underway to confiscate the benefit that he obtained from the criminal activity.

Mark Jackson, MHRA head of enforcement said:

“It is a serious criminal offence to sell controlled drugs which are also prescription only medicines without a prescription.

“We work relentlessly with regulatory and law enforcement colleagues to identify and prosecute those involved.

“Those who sell medicines illegally are exploiting vulnerable people and have no regard for their health. Prescription-only medicines are potent and should only be taken under medical supervision.”

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