Further to his article carrying a similar title and which was reported on October 11th 2017, Nazaqat Maqsoom reports on the Judgement which has now been received from the court.

The Legal Arguments Hearing | Kangs Confiscation Defence Solicitors

As outlined in the previous article the arguments advanced concerned:

  • whether or not the case should be classed as a ‘lifestyle offence’ (as it does not fall within the statutory definition of ‘Criminal Lifestyle’)
  • whether or not our client had benefitted from the criminal conduct as the monies had been paid into a company account over which our client had no control.
  • whether or not the ‘corporate veil’ was operative in this instance.

The Judgement | Kangs POCA Solicitors

The Judge ruled:

  • the case should not be classed as a `lifestyle offence’
  • our client had not benefitted from the criminal conduct
  • the company had benefitted from the criminal conduct

Having successfully advanced  these legal arguments on behalf of our client, we now await the outcome of the final hearing.

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