In our article entitled ‘Serious Violence Reduction Orders’ posted to this site on 17 March 2021, we explained the steps being taken by the Home Secretary in an endeavour to remove knives and other dangerous weapons off the streets and reference was made to a consultation launched by the Home Office in September 2020.

As previously explained, this consultation has led to the Police Crime Sentencing and Courts Bill 2021 and Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors now comments upon some of the points considered within that consultation.

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The Consultation | Kangs Knife Crime Offences Defence Solicitors

The Government sought to establish whether, in order to assist the police, when it was considered necessary to stop and search known knife and weapon carriers, the creation of a new Court Order, to be known as a ‘Serious Violence Reduction Order’ (‘a SVRO’) would be appropriate. 

Following consideration of the information provided by the consultation, the Government proposes that a SVRO:  

  • should be available on conviction for offences involving the possession, or use, of a knife or other offensive weapon, to include acids or corrosive substances, the illegal possession of firearms or violent offences in which a weapon was used or carried by the offender.
  • will be made wholly at the court’s discretion.  This will allow individual circumstances to be considered.     
  • will apply to adults aged eighteen and over only initially.
  • will be at the discretion of the courts to consider how long a SVRO should last and that maximum and minimum periods should be determined.  
  • if breached, will lead to a separate criminal offence. The Government proposes that a SVRO would include notification requirements on an individual providing the police with up to date details including any change of name and address.

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