Kangs Solicitors recently defended a client facing a drugs charge that he was in possession of a substantial amount of cannabis with intent to supply it to others.

Amandeep Murria of Kangs Solicitors outlines the steps taken on his behalf and which secured a very satisfactory result for him.

The Facts | Kangs Criminal Team

A substantial amount of drugs were recovered from our client. An extensive analysis of his mobile phones was undertaken which revealed scores of messages supporting the suggestion that he was supplying drugs to others.

Our client acknowledged involvement in supplying cannabis but, predominantly, only to his circle of friends.

The Procedure Adopted | Kangs Criminal Advisors

Having discussed in detail with our client all of the circumstances leading to the prosecution, it was decided that it was in his best interests to plead guilty at the first opportunity.

This approach was taken, so that our client would receive substantial credit for his guilty plea i.e a lesser sentence.

The Successful Result | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

As the result of the guilty plea being entered at the first opportunity, our client received a Suspended Sentence, with supporting requirements.

Our client was extremely pleased with the outcome.

The careful and detailed approach adopted by our specialised team, minimised the anxiety and stress experienced by our client.

How We Can Help You | Kangs Complex Crime Solicitors

Defending prosecutions involving complex and serious offences frequently requires consideration to be given to a series of options.

This requires a legal team with the appropriate and specialist knowledge and the experienced team at Kangs Solicitors ensures that all steps are taken to evaluate the appropriate course of action to meet each client’s personal requirements.

We are recognised as ‘leaders in the field’ for criminal cases, by both the leading law Directories, the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners.

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