Recently there have been talks about the granting of amnesty to illegal immigrants resident in the UK with the intent to legalise their status.

Sharan Rupra, immigration law specialist at Kangs Solicitors comments upon amnesties generally. 

Previous Amnesties | Kangs Immigration Team

There have been three amnesties affecting failed asylum seekers and overstayers:

  • In 1993/4, the Conservative Government granted Exceptional Leave to Remain, now referred to as Discretionary Leave to Remain, and Humanitarian Protection under the European Convention of Human Rights for asylum seekers who were unable to qualify for refugee status, leading to the eventual grant of settlement providing that no serious criminal offence had been committed.
  • In 1999/2000, the Labour Government granted Indefinite Leave to Remain in what was called the ‘Legacy Programme’, in order to clear a backlog of outstanding applications which had accumulated at the Home Office.
  • In 2003, the Labour Government announced that Indefinite Leave to Remain would be granted to families which had sought asylum before October 2000, had children before that date and had experienced delays in the system. 

The Proposals | Kangs Immigration Law Advisors.

  • The current Government is proposing that an amnesty be considered for those who have entered the UK illegally or overstayed their visas for ten years or more.
  • The Government plans to legalise undocumented migrants, usually achieved by way of an amnesty.
  • The Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, has mentioned on several occasions that he favours such an amnesty.

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