The Queen’s speech, made during the State Opening of Parliament in December 2019, revealed that a Royal Commission will be established to review and improve the efficiency and effectiveness of the criminal justice process.

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A Royal Commission is a Public Inquiry required to investigate in great detail a specific subject, such as Criminal Justice and related topics.

In 1991, a Commission, (‘the Runciman Commission’), was called and it reported to Parliament in 1993 upon:

  1. the behaviour of the police and supervising officers.
  2. proper process of prosecutors.
  3. forensic science and the role of professional witnesses.
  4. the rights of the accused to a proper defence.
  5. the range of powers of the courts in the process, and if the balance is proper.
  6. the global efficacy of the process, including process in the right to appeal.

It is anticipated that a new Commission may consider:

  • new sentencing laws surrounding serious violent offenders, including terrorists.
  • new laws to require co-operation between various government bodies.
  • legislation to deal with the support of victims of crime and their families.
  • new measures to confront hostile activity conducted by foreign states.
  • a sanctions regime to directly address human rights abuse.
  • prosecutors to be afforded powers to direct Police Investigations.
  • the merging of criminal courts.

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