A consultation was held between the 21st April 2016 and the 3rd June 2016 to seek views on government proposals to increase fees by more than 500% in the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal.

This proposal would clearly have an adverse effect on those who are appealing decisions made by the Home Office.

Statistically a significant number of appellants who appeal to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal against Home Office decisions have their appeals upheld.

By increasing the fees the Ministry of Justice itself has accepted that there is likely to be a drop of between 20%-40% in the number of appeals being lodged due to the fact that appellants simply cannot afford the increased fees.

This is a clear injustice to potential appellants who have strong grounds to overturn Home Office decisions but not the means.

To put the proposals into perspective a paper application to the First-Tier Tribunal currently costs £80.00. This would increase to £490.00. An oral application at the moment costs £140.00 and this would be increased to £800.00.

Cagin Husnu of Kangs Solicitors Immigration department comments:

“Every individual should have access to the Asylum and Immigration Tribunal and it should not be a route only open to the wealthy or better-off individuals”

At Kangs Solicitors we have experienced immigration solicitors who can ensure that your application is prepared to the highest standard and thereby reduce the risk of the application being refused in the first instance.

Clearly it is even more crucial to ensure that the original application is submitted with the assistance and guidance of experts as the cost of an appeal could become prohibitive in many cases.

Many clients have approached our specialist immigration solicitors who have a proven track record of successfully guiding clients through the application process.

Please feel free to contact our immigration lawyers Sharan Rupra or Cagin Husnu for some expert easy to understand advice. They will be happy to guide you through the process and advise you of the correct approach to take in relation to your application.