The owner of a restaurant in Brent has recently received a substantial fine after he pleaded guilty before the Magistrates’ Court following the discovery of a number of food safety and hygiene breaches at his trading premises.

Amandeep Murria of Kangs Solicitors outlines the circumstances.

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The Circumstances | Kangs Environmental Health Offences Defence Solicitors

During the course of several inspections at the defendant’s premises, Environmental Health Officers discovered the following:

  • a cockroach infestation,
  • bugs in the fridge and the kitchen,
  • food which was not being stored at the correct temperature,
  • staff were unable to wash their hands and equipment which could not be properly cleaned through the absence of hot water.

The Court Proceedings | Kangs Food & Hygiene Offences Defence Solicitors

At the Hearing before the Magistrates’ Court, the restaurant owner pleaded guilty to a number of food hygiene offences which resulted in the following penalties being imposed:

  • a fine of £2,933 for each breach,   
  • costs amounting to £3,888,    
  • a surcharge of £190,
  • a Prohibition Order, preventing the owner from running a food business until 2025.

The total sum payable amounted to £39,274.

Official comment

A community safety lead councillor said:

‘The majority of high street food businesses in Brent have a good hygiene rating, however, there are a minority which operate in a dirty and dangerous manner, putting the health of customers at risk and this is simply unacceptable.

It should be crystal clear to anybody, but especially a food business owner, that you should not be serving food from a kitchen riddled with cockroaches.

Our Food Safety Team does not tolerate those who put the community at risk of harm and the penalty issued in this case shows that the court takes this very seriously too.’

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