What is Asylum?

Asylum is sought by those seeking refuge from persecution and human rights abuses at any point after entering the UK whether legally or illegally.

When Should Asylum Be Claimed?

Claims for asylum should be made to an immigration officer as soon as practicably possible upon entering the UK.

An asylum seeker who has passed border control or is already within the UK can only claim asylum at the offices of UK Visas and Immigration located in Croydon, London.

Failure to claim asylum upon the point entry into the UK can have a negative impact upon the application and the applicant can also be denied welfare, support and accommodation.

Application Procedure | Kangs Immigration Solicitors

An applicant will initially attend a ‘Screening Interview’ where basic details will be taken and an Application Registration Card (ARC) card issued.

An applicant will then attend a First Reporting Event followed, a few weeks later,  by a substantive interview where the applicant details the reasons for claiming asylum and the fears  for returning to the country of origin.

The Effects of Asylum Being Granted

The applicant is granted Refugee status and allowed a period of 5 years to reside legally within the UK.

After that period the applicant can then make an application for Indefinite Leave to Remain in the UK. 

Upon being granted Asylum the applicant is free to work, claim certain financial benefits and bring into the UK children under the age of 18 who are not already here.

Consequences of Asylum Refusal | Immigration Appeal Solicitors

If a claim for asylum is refused an appeal can be made to the First-Tier Tribunal Immigration Courts which will be heard before an Immigration Judge who will hear evidence from all parties before making a decision.

How Can We Help | Immigration Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors has an established specialised Immigration department, able to assist in all aspects of asylum and immigration at all stages from application preparation to representation at Tribunal and any subsequent Appeal Hearings.


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