Our client faced two allegations at Croydon Crown Court . One in respect of assisting unlawful immigration into a member state and the other of converting criminal property. The initial investigation was prompted because of an undercover reporter who had covertly recorded a potential suspect who openly boasted about how he and others facilitated unlawful immigration into the UK.

It was suggested during the investigation stage, our client was directly linked to this suspect. Our client was alleged to have provided the accommodation and received rent from those entering the UK illegally. At the time, our client was an experienced and serving Immigration Officer who was alleged to have clearly abused his position. Our client denied matters vehemently throughout the investigation process but was eventually charged to face very serious allegations.

The investigation stage was carefully managed by our Mr Amandeep Murria and the litigation stage was meticulously prepared by our Mr Cagin Husnu. Collectively they left no stone unturned, ensuring our client’s eventual successful outcome.

Our client was unanimously acquitted of all matters by the jury during a trial lasting 8 days.