The Government has indicated that tougher sentencing is to be imposed for offenders who commit the most serious offences.

 Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors comments on the regime indicated.

The Proposals | Kangs Criminal Sentencing Advisory Solicitors

violent offenders, repeat offenders and sexual predators, considered dangerous criminals, will serve more time in prison and will be detained until two-thirds of the sentence handed down has been completed. Thereafter, eventual release will be accompanied by tougher licence conditions than those currently imposed.

under the current sentencing regime, eligibility for release can be anticipated at the half-way point of the sentence imposed with less restrictive licence conditions.

it is not anticipated that the changes will be retrospective due to complexities that would arise in fairly exercising the same.

it is likely to be at least mid-2020 before the proposals may be implemented.

The Statistics | Kangs Criminal Defence Team

Figures for 2018 disclose that for the most serious sexual and violent offences (those that carry a maximum sentence of life imprisonment) the following sentence types were imposed:

  • Over 4000 Standard Determinate Sentences – the offender will be automatically released at the half-way point on licence in the community for the second half of the sentence. Those serving short sentences will have additional supervision in the community for a minimum period of twelve months. 
  • Around 250 Extended Determinate Sentences – the offender becomes eligible to be considered for release by the Parole Board from the two-thirds point of the sentence but can serve the full term in prison if not assessed to be safe to release earlier. The custodial term is followed by an extended period on licence for on-going public protection (of up to eight years for sex offenders and five years for violent offenders).   
  • Four hundred life sentences – offender spends minimum period or “tariff” in prison before being considered for release by the Parole Board. The offender may therefore never be released. If released, offenders spend the rest of their life on licence and can be recalled to custody.

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