Following the recent change in the law relating to police bail, the police are now more and more frequently requesting voluntary interviews with suspects.

Such interviews may be conducted at a police station or they can take place at your home.

Interviews at a Police Station| Kangs Police Station Solicitors

In respect of interviews being conducted at a police station:

  • the law states that police officers should remind a suspect that they are entitled to free and independent legal advice.
  • any interview can be delayed until a legal representative can attend and
  • this applies equally whether you are under arrest or you attend the station as a volunteer.

Interviews at Home | Kangs Criminal Defence Lawyers

In respect of these interviews:

  • you are entitled to have a legal representative present.
  • however, the police are under no obligation to remind you of your right to legal
  • A voluntary interview or an interview at your home is the start of the criminal investigation procedure
  • the impact of anything you say can be far-reaching and
  • it could easily lead to Court proceedings.

Do not be fooled into thinking that the investigation is any less serious than if you were arrested or that you are simply meting up with the police ‘for a chat’.

Kangs Solicitors | Specialist Criminal Defence Solicitors

If you are contacted by the police or any authority and asked to attend a voluntary interview make sure that you protect your legal rights and entitlements from the outset by obtaining the best legal advice.

We can arrange for one of our legal representatives to attend upon you in order to provide you with specialist advice.

We have a proven track record of representing clients in interviews under caution and we provide a national service to our clients from our offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester. 

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