Kangs Solicitors has been representing individuals and businesses in the wholesale and retail sale of alcohol and tobacco products for over twenty years and we have amassed considerable experience in dealing with HMRC investigations and court proceedings.

Our specialist team’s experience extends to representing Companies, Directors and other Individuals in all types of proceedings brought by HMRC in respect of both civil tax investigations and criminal tax investigations and prosecutions.

We are highly regarded by the leading law directories, the Legal 500 and Chambers & Partners, for our work in relation to financial fraud. The current edition of the Legal 500 (2021 edition) says that we are:

‘One of, if not the best, criminal specialist firms in the country’.

Our team is led by Hamraj Kang an award-winning solicitor who has been ranked as a ‘star individual’ for five consecutive years by Chambers & Partners for his work in defending fraud investigations and prosecutions.

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Recent HMRC Activity | Excise Duty Evasion Defence Solicitors

In recent months we have experienced an increase in the number of clients seeking advice and assistance in relation to HMRC investigations in relation to allegations of conspiracy to cheat the public revenue of Excise Duty payable on alcohol and tobacco products.

The increased demand is in part reflected by the fact that HMRC is commencing new investigations which involve dawn raids on business and home premises of those suspected of Excise Duty fraud.

In addition, historic cases that have been under investigation for a number of years are now being charged and prosecuted by HMRC through the criminal courts with clients receiving Notification Of Prosecution by post.

Progression To Trial | Kangs Duty Evasion Defence Solicitors

It is anticipated that the progress of such cases through the court system will proceed at a relatively slow pace.

The cases currently being prosecuted often involve numerous defendants and with the current Covid-19 restrictions in place for criminal jury trials, they are unlikely to reach trial for two or more years in certain busy court centres (particularly London).

What Can I Do If I Have Received A Notice Of Prosecution?

From our recent experience, individuals are now being notified by post of an intended criminal prosecution by HMRC in relation to investigations which began several years previously.

Often the individual may have been formally interviewed under caution in relation to the allegations years ago and has not heard anything from HMRC in the intervening period until the arrival of this postal Notice.

If you receive such a Notice of Prosecution to answer charges of conspiracy to cheat the public revenue and excise duty evasion, it will stipulate a time and date that you must attend a Magistrates’ Court for the first hearing in your case.

It is important that you seek legal advice upon receipt of this written notification as there are many steps that an experienced defence solicitor can take immediately to assist you even at this very early stage of the proceedings.

Our Experience | Why Choose Kangs Solicitors?

  • We have represented clients in HMRC criminal prosecutions in courts throughout England and Wales for over twenty years.
  • We are steeped in knowledge of the alcohol and tobacco sectors as we have conducted many cases involving bonded warehouses, freight forwarders, importers, exporters, allegations of missing traders, false invoicing and false paper trails.
  • We are fraud experts and regularly assist clients with ancillary charges such as money laundering.
  • We have access to the finest barristers and QCs in the country to guarantee the best possible representation for our clients.
  • We are the winners of the Legal 500 ‘Criminal Law Firm of the Year’.
  • Our senior partner, Hamraj Kang, is the current winner of the Legal 500 ‘Criminal and Fraud Solicitor of the Year 2020’.

How to Contact Us | Kangs Solicitors

We appreciate the significant stress and strain that a criminal investigation and prosecution can have on a client and their family. We aim to work proactively with our clients in an effort to secure an early favourable resolution to the matter.

Hamraj Kang leads an award-winning team of solicitors nationally reputed for its excellence in fraud related work.

We welcome new enquiries by telephone or email.

Our team of lawyers is available to meet at our offices in London, Birmingham or Manchester or, alternatively, we are happy to arrange an initial no obligation meeting via telephone or video conferencing.

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