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KANGS has been acting in high-profile white collar crime investigations and prosecutions since 1997. Consistently recognised as a national leader in the field of criminal fraud defence, both leading directories - the Legal 500 and Chambers UK - rank the firm in the highest categories for white collar fraud defence work.
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VAT Investigation Defence

A proven track record of successfully defending white collar crime investigations and prosecutions by the major prosecuting authorities including:

  • Trading Standards | CPS | Serious Organised Crime Agency (SOCA)
  • National Crime Agency (NCA) | UK Border Agency | Insolvency Service
  • Competition & Markets Authority | Local Authorities
  • National Investigation Service (NATIS)

Our experience includes:

  • SFO investigations – advising witnesses in relation to Section 2 Notices served on corporate bodies and individuals and representing suspects in relation to financial crime allegations
  • Attending Dawn Raids and providing clients with advice and assistance at their business premises while a search is conducted by investigating officers
  • Our 24/7 Rapid Response Team representing individuals in interviews under caution either following an arrest or by voluntary attendance
  • Acting in numerous multi-million pounds fraud investigations often with a significant international dimension
  • Working in foreign jurisdictions and engaging local professional advisers including lawyers, accountants and private investigators
  • Representing clients throughout the country in a wide range of fraud investigations from our offices in London, Birmingham and Manchester
  • Representation in court proceedings in conjunction with our long-established working relationships with the leading barristers and King's Counsels (KCs) in the country
  • Advising on issues of business continuity and reputational damage
  • Negotiating settlements with prosecuting authorities and advising on Deferred Prosecution Agreements (DPA)


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Whats the difference between Criminal Fraud and Civil Fraud?

A civil action for fraud is a private action brought by an individual or organisation (the claimant) against another individual or organisation (the defendant). If the victim of a fraud reports the matter to a law enforcement agency and there is sufficient evidence to prosecute the alleged perpetrator (the defendant), it becomes the responsibility of the prosecuting authority to bring the case to court.

If, for any reason, the prosecuting authority decides not to bring a prosecution, it is open to the victim to bring a private criminal prosecution in the criminal court.

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Who do KANGS act for?

Over the last twenty years we have acted for a diverse range of clients including:

  • Publicly listed companies including FTSE 100 PLCs
  • Private limited companies
  • Professionally qualified individuals including solicitors, accountants, financial executives and medical professionals
  • Company directors
  • Partnerships, LLPs and sole traders
  • Employees and other individuals

How can KANGS help?

Our expertise in relation to these cases extends from initial raid, arrest and interview to include what can quite often be a protracted investigation stage, through to the prosecution of the case and the subsequent trial.

We can assist you in the following manner:

  • Advice and representation at dawn raids
  • Representation at interviews under caution whether voluntary or under arrest
  • Advice and representation in relation to a Section 2 Notice served by the SFO
  • Deployment of our 24-hour Rapid Response Team
  • Liaison and negotiation with the Prosecuting Authority
  • Advice on Financial Restraint Orders and Cash Seizures
  • Preparation of the defence case and representation in Court from the first hearing through to trial

We appreciate the importance of seeking advice as early as possible and our team is able to quickly and effectively deal with all ancillary matters associated with fraud investigations as detailed above.

What kind of Serious Fraud cases has Kangs worked on?

Recent Cases Undertaken by Kangs:

R v B : £38m Carbon Credit Fraud
R v C : £365m MTIC, VAT Carousel Fraud
R v D : £100m MTIC, VAT Carousel Fraud
R v Y : £17m Pyramid Scheme Fraud
R v P : £25m Land Banking Fraud
R v H : Multi-Million Pound Film Tax Credit Fraud
R v P : £1.5m Scrap Metal MTIC Fraud
R v C : £2.8m Fraudulent Evasion of Duty
R v A : £1.2m Mortgage Fraud
R v C : £182m Money Laundering, VAT Carousel and Duty Evasion Fraud
R v S : £55m VAT Carousel (MTIC) Fraud
R v B : £60m International Money Laundering Conspiracy
R v M : £10m VAT Carousel (MTIC) Fraud
R v S : £60m Money Laundering
R v S : £38m MTIC / VAT Carousel
R v D : £12m VAT Fraud of Motor Vehicles
R v C : £60m Money Laundering (Hawala Banking)
R v A : £7m Money Laundering
R v C : £20m Finance Fraud
R v A : £2.7m Money Laundering
R v S : £33m VAT Fraud
R v D : £12m VAT Fraud and Money Laundering
R v D : £3m Money Laundering and VAT Carousel
R v C : £1m Money Laundering and VAT Carousel
R v S : £24m VAT Fraud and Money Laundering
R v R : £20m Money Laundering
R v C : £1m Long Firm Fraud
R v C : £1m Money Laundering
R v P : £1.8m Banking Fraud
R v H : Multi-million Pound Cigarette Duty Evasion
R v S : NHS Fraud
R v V : £16m VAT Carousel (MTIC) Fraud
R v S : £77m VAT Carousel (MTIC) Fraud
R v R : Multi-Million Pound VAT Fraud
R v S : Post Office Fraud
R v F : Fraudulent Trading
R v R : Duty Evasion Fraud
R v Sh : NHS Fraud
R v E : Banking Fraud
R v G : Conspiracy to Defraud

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Noted expertise in SFO and HMRC cases. Extremely well-reputed for advising on high-value matters such as MTIC, POCA and property frauds.
KANGS Solicitors is rated for the proactive, expert defence it provides to executives and high-net-worth individuals.
It has an established reputation for its work in defending complex fraud allegations.
It has a very strong team of lawyers who can rise to the challenges of the most complex fraud case.
Recognised for astute command of financial crime.
The team has substantial experience in multi-jurisdictional criminal and financial regulatory investigations.
Particularly active in high value financial fraud cases, with notable expertise in boiler room cases.
They have dealt with every imaginable prosecution and investigations agency and have very good experience of cross-border investigations in financial misconduct.

Dawn Raids & 24/7 Rapid Response

Dawn Raids are an increasing feature of corporate life and are most commonly conducted by investigating authorities such as HM Revenue & Customs, the Serious Fraud Office, the Financial Conduct Authority, the Competition & Markets Authority and the National Crime Agency.

KANGS 24-hour Rapid Response Team consists of ten highly trained and experienced solicitors with a proven track record of advising corporate and individual clients in relation to all aspects of Dawn Raids. 

Serious Fraud Investigations & Prosecutions

We have particular experience in conducting complex and often high-value cases involving the following areas:

  • Money Laundering, Tax Evasion, Bribery & Corruption, Mortgage Fraud
  • Conspiracy to Defraud, Duty Evasion & Diversion, Banking Fraud
  • Insurance Fraud, Boiler Room, Ponzi and Pyramid Fraud
  • Fraud on Major Commercial & Public Bodies, e.g. NHS
  • Internet Fraud, Land Banking, Advance Fee, Pensions
  • Illegal Money Lending, Immigration Fraud & False Accounting
  • Fraudulent Trading, Carbon Credit Fraud

SFO Investigations

We have significant experience in acting for witnesses and suspects in relation to investigations by the Serious Fraud Office (SFO). Our experience extends to representing multi-national corporations and individual company officers and executives.

We have considerable expertise in advising clients in relation to Notices served pursuant to Section 2 of the Criminal Justice Act 1987 (‘Section 2 Interview Notices’) and advising in relation to Section 2(3) Notices requiring the production of material to the SFO.


Missing Trader Intra Community (MTIC) VAT Fraud

We are nationally recognised for our significant expertise and experience in dealing with MTIC & VAT fraud cases, also known as carousel fraud, and have been involved in many of the leading cases in recent years. We consider ourselves to be in a unique position as very few other firms have had conduct of such a number of MTIC and VAT fraud cases in recent years.

In addition to the above-mentioned MTIC investigations involving established products such as CPUs, mobile phones and other electrical goods, we have considerable experience in relation to allegations of MTIC and VAT fraud involving a variety of other commodities including luxury cars, carbon credits, metals, waste products and toiletries.

We also provide a full service to corporate and individual clients in relation to all civil aspects of VAT including advice in relation to VAT Assessments and representation at the Tax Tribunal.

Our extensive experience of such cases includes acting in some of the largest investigations and prosecutions ever undertaken by HMRC including:

  • Operation Maypole – Operation Drive – Operation Lychee – Operation Dowel
  • Operation Capri 2 – Operation Ghast – Operation Duma – Operation Capri 3
  • Operation Fastback – Operation Vex – Operation Varlet – Operation Tulipbox
  • Operation Elemi – Operation Develop – Operation Hayrick – Operation Gnawed
  • Operation Vehicle – Operation Devout – Operation Vita
  • Operation Dumpcart – Operation Forebear – Operation Janitor

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