Civil Fraud

Kangs has been successfully advising and assisting corporate and individual clients in fraud related litigation for in excess of twenty years. Since the establishment of the firm in 1997, our asset tracing and recovery solicitors have undertaken numerous multi-million pounds fraud cases.

Early strategic and tactical advice is often critical to a civil fraud action and our team of specialist civil fraud lawyers help our clients recover stolen money and assets, and deal with any interim relief through freezing orders or search orders. We represent both the victims of fraud and those accused and our network extends into multiple jurisdictions which ensures our clients are supported no matter where their assets are held. 

Speed is of the essence in civil fraud cases and our specialist team are well equipped to respond with quick, effective and practical advice. 

Account Freezing Order, Civil Fraud
In an article posted to this website entitled ‘Account Freezing Order | Funds Frozen by Law Enforcement Agencies’ we explained the nature of an Account Freezing Order (‘AFO’) and the manner of Application under section 303Z1 of the Proceeds of Crime Act 2002 (‘POCA’). Kangs Solicitors has recently successfully assisted a client set aside an AFO which had been obtained against […]
Civil Fraud
Inevitably, disputes in all aspects of life will occur and, however reluctant they may be, individuals, businesses and companies become engaged in court proceedings seeking to prove the correctness of their stance against their opponents. Such proceedings invariably involve financial cost to the contesting parties, particularly the loser facing the prospect of bearing a substantial […]
Civil Fraud, Criminal Litigation, Services
As explained in a previous article entitled Single Justice Procedure Notices many minor criminal offences are dealt with by a single Magistrate without the requirement of a court attendance. This procedure is referred to as ‘Single Justice Procedure’ (‘SJP’), which was introduced under the Criminal Justice Act 2015. Since 4 January 2023, this procedure has been extended so that […]

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