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Cookies are small text files which are placed on user’s computer by websites that are

They are commonly used in order to make websites work, or work more efficiently, as well
as to provide information to the owners of the sites.

Kangs Solicitors employs the following types of cookies when browsers connect to our

‘Session Cookies’

Website pages have no memories. Accordingly, Session Cookies allow the browser session
to be remembered by the web server as each page is navigated.

These Cookies are temporary and survive only on the individual browser/device. They are
removed as soon as the session is ended.

‘Wordpress Cookies’ and ‘Wordfence Plugin’

These are security cookies, the purpose of which is to help identify and prevent potential
security risks.

‘Sumo Cookies.’

Sumo Cookies are analytical tools used to control many different things in a website user’s

Their control is extensive such as determining if a visitor is opted-out of a certain ‘popup’ or
whether or not a ‘Welcome Mat’ or ‘Smart Bar’ should be displayed.

‘Google Analytics’

This ‘third-party cookie’ tracks and reports upon the nature of website traffic and enables us
to understand how visitors engage with our website.

The data stored on Google Analytics is not personal but incorporates functions, such as ‘Ad
Settings’ allow for the control of the manner in which ads are personalised or permit the
opt out of ad personalisation.

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