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Commercial Disputes

Our experienced team acts in a wide range of commercial and civil disputes for both corporate and individual clients. Disputes occur on a regular basis. The key is to deal with them in a professional and commercial manner whether through mediation, arbitration, negotiation or litigation.

Our specialist team of lawyers has particular expertise in the following areas:

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Why use Kangs to deal with Business Disputes?

We use creative thinking, determination and speed in the quest to find a satisfactory solution for our clients.

Early expert advice and assistance is usually imperative and can save considerable time and costs. We encourage our clients to contact us as soon as they become aware of a potential dispute rather than waiting for matters to escalate into formal disputes.

We will work with you to devise the right strategy based on our many years’ experience and deliver the most cost-effective commercial solution to the problem.

We bring considerable commercial acumen to the table as a result of having been involved in settling many disputes of every conceivable nature over a number of years. There is unlikely to be a situation that we have not come across before. Our clients have the immediate benefit of this wealth of experience from the first day that they engage with us.

We understand that disputes can be time consuming and potentially expensive which is why we work with our clients to make an early assessment of their individual situation and look to avoid the courtroom wherever possible by exploring other more cost effective solutions such as Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).

If the matter does proceed to the courtroom, we have the track record and experience to fight to protect our client’s interests.

Who do Kangs act for?

We act for a wide range of clients in all sectors including:

  • Large national and multi-national corporations
  • SMEs
  • Owner managed businesses
  • Professional sector businesses
  • Private individuals

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Ultra efficient and professional. Not surprised it has many senior professional clients, gives a great service.
The quality of the work and advice is outstanding.
It is a top notch firm with strength in depth.
It has very bright individuals at all levels who know the system inside out.
The lawyers are known for providing a very personal service from specialist and experienced Partners.
The team is intelligent, hardworking and determined to do a professional job.
ADR & Mediation, Commercial Disputes
Seeking redress through civil court proceedings can be a demanding and arduous process, requiring an understanding of the law, sufficient resources, patience, and perseverance. Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) refers to methods of resolving conflicts and disputes outside of the courtroom. The Civil Procedure Rules (CPR) were introduced with the intention of making civil justice more […]
Commercial Disputes
The proper conduct of civil litigation proceedings through the courts requires considerable technical knowledge of court procedure, an understanding of the evidential laws, the ability to properly construct either the Claimant’s case being pursued or the defence of proceedings with which the Defendant is confronted and respect for the litigation process as a whole. Engaging […]
Commercial Disputes
Late payments can prove fatal for small businesses, affecting cash flow, employment, hindering growth, and potentially forcing them to cease trading. What often goes unnoticed is that a single late payment can disrupt multiple businesses within the supply chain. For years, the persistent late payment of business debts owed by large companies to small businesses […]

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