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Commercial Disputes

Strategic Solutions for Complex Commercial Disputes
At KANGS we specialise in handling commercial disputes with a strategic and client-focused approach. Our experienced team acts in a wide range of commercial and civil disputes for both corporate and individual clients. Disputes occur on a regular basis. The crucial factor is addressing them professionally and commercially, whether through mediation, arbitration, negotiation or litigation.
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Managing a commercial dispute can be stressful and distracting, taking your focus away from running your business or getting on with life. Our extensive experience with commercial disputes has shown that seeking early legal advice and assistance can prevent issues from escalating, avoiding costly court proceedings.

Our team of experienced lawyers are adept at navigating complex legal challenges, ensuring that your business interests are protected. We offer comprehensive services in mediation, arbitration, negotiation and litigation, tailored to meet the unique needs of each client. However, if the matter does need to have its day in court, KANGS have a track record of being fierce litigators and protecting our clients’ interests.

Our proven track record of successful resolutions in commercial disputes and our commitment to providing personalised, high-quality legal advice, sets us apart.

Choose KANGS for our dedication to achieve the best possible outcomes, our deep understanding of commercial disputes and unwavering commitment to successful outcomes.

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Commercial Disputes, Intellectual Property Disputes

Trade Mark Infringement | Personal Liability of Directors

A Trade Mark infringement occurs when an unauthorised person or company uses a mark that is identical or similar to a registered Trade Mark, without the owner's consent, in relation to goods or services identical or similar to those protected by the Registered Trade Mark. Protecting a brand by registration is essential given the potentially […]
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Trade Mark Infringement | Personal Liability of Directors
Commercial Disputes, Tax & HMRC
A tax gross up clause is a provision in contracts or agreements that ensures an individual or entity receives an amount after taxes equivalent to what they would have received if no taxes were imposed. The purpose of the tax gross up clause is to protect the recipient from the financial impact of tax liabilities […]
Commercial Disputes
In a previous article, ‘Trade Marks: Nature, Purpose, and Enforcement,' we outlined the advantages of Trade Marks and the protection afforded by registration. While the significant benefits of using Trade Marks are clear, there are potentially adverse consequences if it is not used after registration. The Trade Mark may become open to challenge pursuant to […]
Commercial Disputes, Tax & HMRC
A ‘Loan relationship’ is a term which encompasses an extremely wide area of financial arrangements from a straight forward loan to complicated financial activity supporting trading between associated corporate bodies. Money does not have to physically change hands and the loan may be accomplished by, for example, a ‘loan note’ issued by a company for […]
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