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Our insolvency lawyers are experienced in acting against Insolvency Practitioners and the Insolvency Service on behalf of company directors, former directors, shareholders, creditors as well as individuals or companies who have received funds, assets or property from a company prior to the company’s insolvency.
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Navigating Claims by Insolvency Practitioners
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Our focus is on acting against Insolvency Practitioners who seek to bring a claim against an individual or a company. We are instructed in disputes involving a wide variety of Insolvency Practitioners, ranging from niche UK based firms to international Insolvency Practitioners. Regularly acting in disputes against the leading Insolvency Practitioners provides us with the experience and knowledge of how best to successfully resolve or win a dispute.

It is important that, where appropriate, we work collaboratively with Insolvency Practitioners to facilitate smooth resolutions and ensure compliance with all legal requirements. We are able to leverage our knowledge and experience of acting against a wide range of Insolvency Practitioners for the benefit of each client.

Our work against Insolvency Practitioners encompasses many issues. We act in cases involving outstanding director loan accounts, preference payments, illegal dividend payments as well as allegations of wrongful or fraudulent trading.

Additionally, we represent clients in areas such as transactions at undervalue, disposals allegedly intended to keep assets out of creditors' reach and breaches of fiduciary duties, including director disqualification proceedings.

A full list of insolvency services we provide to our clients is detailed below.

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Insolvency, Tax & HMRC
A Pre-pack administration is an insolvency procedure under which an insolvent company sells its assets either to a third-party buyer or existing directors of that business through a new company. The sale of a company’s assets is arranged prior to the administration and completes shortly after the appointment of the administrator is confirmed. The procedure […]
A Personal Guarantee is given by an individual, the Guarantor, for the benefit of a third party, whichmay be an individual or corporate body, as security to a creditor, such as a bank or supplier ofmaterials, to ensure that in the event of the third party defaulting in payment, the Guarantorbecomes responsible for discharging the […]
Director Disqualification, Insolvency
Whilst the Order or Undertaking will not prevent an individual from being employed by a company, (save in very rare exceptions where court permission has been granted), the disqualified director will not be able to: Any breach of a Director Disqualification Order, or a Disqualification Undertaking, in appropriate cases, could be punished by way of […]
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