Our lawyers are experienced in matters of restructuring and insolvency including bankruptcy, winding up, statutory demands, company restoration and claims against company directors. We advise a wide range of clients impacted by insolvency matters including company directors, partners, trustees, administrators and we also work closely with insolvency practitioners.

Our team of insolvency solicitors acts both for and against Insolvency Practitioners. This provides us with a well-rounded view of both sides of insolvency litigation, which knowledge and experience we use to each client’s benefit.

Our work for and against Insolvency Practitioners includes issues relating to the recovery of outstanding director loan accounts as well as actions against company directors for wrongful/fraudulent trading, transactions at under value, disposals designed to put assets outside the reach of creditors and breach of fiduciary duties including director disqualification proceedings.

A full list of insolvency services we provide to our clients is detailed below.

A Personal Guarantee is given by an individual, the Guarantor, for the benefit of a third party, whichmay be an individual or corporate body, as security to a creditor, such as a bank or supplier ofmaterials, to ensure that in the event of the third party defaulting in payment, the Guarantorbecomes responsible for discharging the […]
Director Disqualification, Insolvency
Whilst the Order or Undertaking will not prevent an individual from being employed by a company, (save in very rare exceptions where court permission has been granted), the disqualified director will not be able to: Any breach of a Directors Disqualification Order, or a Disqualification Undertaking, in appropriate cases, could be punished by way of […]
Upon appointment to administer the affairs of an insolvent company, one of the roles of the appointed Insolvency Practitioner is to gather in all available assets and discharge creditors out of the recovered funds according to the Insolvency Rules. In order to accomplish this task, all of the insolvent company’s financial and trading records will […]

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