Kangs Solicitors has successfully defended a sixteen year old client who was facing charges following a robbery of a delivery driver in Birmingham. 

Suki Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors outlines the events.

The Circumstances | Kangs Criminal 24 hour Police Station Defence Solicitors

  • Our client was arrested following an alleged robbery of a delivery driver who, having made his delivery, was robbed at knife point.
  • He subsequently became involved in a scuffle with our client, believing he was one of the youths involved in the robbery.  
  • Our client maintained that he was not present when the robbery took place but that, upon arrival at the scene of the robbery, he was grabbed by the delivery driver who believed he was one of the robbers. 
  • Our client admitted that he struck out at the driver once in self-defence having been grabbed by his outer clothing and threatened with a physical attack by the driver. 

How We Assisted Our Client | Kangs Criminal Trial PreparationTeam

  • We obtained full disclosure from the Police and examined the material that allegedly confirmed our client’s involvement in the attack.
  • Detailed instructions were taken from our client from which we considered that it was quite clear that our client had a defence to both allegations made against him.

The Trial | Birmingham Youth Court Criminal Trial Solicitors

  • At Birmingham Youth Court, the District Judge heard all of the appropriate evidence.
  • The evidence was to the effect that the delivery driver accepted that he had not been assaulted by our client, that he was not the youth holding a knife and was not present when he was robbed.
  • The delivery driver also accepted that he assumed our client was part of the group which robbed him but he could not confirm when our client arrived at the scene or that he would have been aware that a robbery had taken place.  

The Successful Outcome | Kangs Criminal Trial Team

  • The District Judge returned not guilty verdicts on both charges that our client faced. 
  • Naturally, our client and his father were very relieved at the outcome and were very complimentary of the defence preparation by Kangs Solicitors. 

How Can We Help? | Kangs Crime Team

At Kangs Solicitors, our experienced Team provides assistance throughout the investigation stage and any subsequent trial stage of criminal proceedings.

Our Team is available to assist nationally and we have a proactive approach when assisting our clients. 

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