Kangs Solicitors represent a Pakistani national who seeks to avoid deportation following imprisonment for a criminal conviction, where he proclaims his innocence and upon the basis that he is the son of a British national, entitled to citizenship by descent.

History | Kangs Immigration Team

  • Our client served a custodial sentence from July 2016 when he was convicted of dishonestly making false representations for gain and control of identity documents.
  • Our client maintains that he is innocent and has been wrongly convicted. Unfortunately, the death of his father has prevented obtaining required DNA evidence.
  • Upon our client’s release from prison, he was detained by immigration officials as the Home Office disputed his nationality and revoked his British passport alleging that he used deception in order to obtain it.
  • Section 32(5) of the UK Borders Act 2007 makes provision for the Secretary of State to make a Deportation Order in respect of a foreign national convicted in the UK of an offence and sentenced to imprisonment.

How We Are Assisting | Kangs Immigration Specialists

  • Kangs Solicitors were able to take an official from the Pakistani Consulate to visit our client in order to discuss his identity and parentage.
  • As the result of the above, the Consulate confirmed and issued a Family Registration Certificate and a Birth Certificate confirming that our client is the son a British national, and therefore entitled to citizenship by descent.
  • The appropriate documents were sent to the Home Office disputing that our client is a ‘foreign national criminal’.
  • As the Home Office ignored our client’s documents and issued Removal Directions claiming that such a step would not be unlawful under section 6 of the Human Rights Act 1998 we lodged an emergency Judicial Review to the Judge which resulted in a stay being granted thereby preventing our client’s removal from the UK.
  • We have managed to secure our client’s release from the Immigration Detention Centre and
  • We are now lodging an appeal against our client’s criminal conviction.
  • As The Secretary of State is still opposing our client’s Judicial Review Application and continues to seek to remove our client from the UK we have requested that this matter be listed in the High Court in order to resolve the outstanding issues.

How Can We Help? | Kangs Immigration Solicitors

Kangs Solicitors has an established specialised Immigration Department, able to assist with all Immigration, Judicial Review and Deportation issues.

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