In a previous article posted to this site on 6 August 2020, consideration has been given to Deferred Prosecution Agreements (‘DPAs’) and, in August 2020, we reported upon the DPA which G4S Care and Justice Services (UK) Ltd (‘the company’) had entered into with the Serious Fraud Office. 

It has now been reported that three former executives of the company have been charged with seven counts of committing fraud by false representation against the Ministry of Justice between 2009 and 2012. 

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The Circumstances | Kangs Serious Fraud Defence Solicitors

  • The investigation conducted by the Serious Fraud Office into the company’s affairs began in November 2013 and concerns the provision of electronic monitoring service within the criminal justice system. 
  • In March 2014, a civil settlement was reached whereby the company agreed to pay the Ministry of Justice the sum of one hundred and seven million pounds to cover both financial refunds and costs.
  •  In July 2020, a DPA agreed between the parties received Court approval under which it was agreed that the company would not face criminal prosecution.
  • However, the Court has ruled:      

“The DPA only relates to the potential criminal liability of G4S Care & Justice Services (U.K.) Limited and does not address whether liability of any sort attaches to any employee, agent, former employee or former agent of G4S Care & Justice Services (U.K) Limited”.

  • Accordingly, this ruling makes it clear that although the DPA ensured that the company would not be charged with any criminal offences, it did not prevent criminal charges being brought against individuals involved in the conduct of the company’s business.

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