What the recent editions of the Legal Directories say:


Legal 500 | 2023 Edition

  • Hamraj Kang – rapidly becoming a legend within the defence of criminal fraud”.
  • “His tactical acumen is awesome, clients leave with solutions having arrived with problems – a class operator in every sense”.
  • “He is approachable and has truly excellent judgment”.
  • “Loved by clients and with good reason – he can distil the most complex points into a road map for success in litigation”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is an innovator who can always see the bigger picture and is always ahead of the game”.
  • “Hamraj Kang leads an experienced and large team that routinely advises on the most serious fraud cases throughout the country as well as cross-jurisdictional and high-value fraud cases”.
  • “Hamraj Kang – respected and known by everyone. No one has insight like him and he instantly gains the trust of any client”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is a brilliant fraud litigator who always seeks to find early effective solutions for clients”.
  • “Widely admired for his tactical acumen and ability to master the key issues in complex financial investigation”.
  • “The senior partner Hamraj Kang is a stand out lawyer. A brilliant litigator in all financial matters and very switched on to the needs of a client”.
  • “Hamraj Kang heads up the team, with particular experience representing executives in offshore HMRC investigations, alongside bribery and corruption matters”.

Chambers UK | 2023 Edition

  • “An exceptional results-focused solicitor who provides solutions rather than just identifying the problems and reciting the law”
  • “Hamraj Kang is a pre-eminent figure in the market known for his work on complex criminal investigations involving tax evasion, pension fraud and money laundering”
  • “Hamraj is universally admired. His national reputation for excellence has its roots in phenomenal client service and making sure that no stone is left unturned”.
  • “He instils confidence and his clients know that they are dealing with an industry leader”.
  • “He’s a pleasure to work with, responsive and straightforward”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is extremely efficient, diligent and hard-working”.
  • “He is really great and has a great reputation”.
  • “A deep thinker who inspires confidence”.

Legal 500 | 2022 Edition

  • “Hamraj Kang is one of the most impressive solicitors, he has a silky smooth bright approach. Extremely efficient and on the ball with all his cases”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is an amazing white-collar crime lawyer. He is technically gifted, exceptionally bright and a formidable opponent”.
  • “The hands-on approach by Hamraj Kang makes this firm unique. His judgement, oversight and abilities are complimented by his excellent recruitment”.
  • “He is popular with big name clients who value his no-nonsense advice and sound judgement”.
  • “The extraordinarily committed and vastly experienced Hamraj Kang heads the large team handling serious and white-collar crime”.
  • “Hamraj Kang. Star leader. Excellent solicitor, manager and businessman”.
  • “Hamraj Kang brings with him a huge expertise in and deep experience of how to win fraud cases. He is someone who is able to identify weaknesses in the prosecution case and exploit them to great effect.”
  • “He is a great asset to any defence team and is very widely respected in the sector”.
  • “As an effective leader of teams in high profile cases, he fights to win and get results”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is a formidable leader who demonstrates complete commitment to his staff and clients.
  • “His knowledge of the law is without parallel and he ensures close oversight over cases, such that clients are extremely well represented”.
  • “Hamraj Kang remains totally dedicated to his clients and to winning cases”.
  • “He has created a boutique litigation firm that is the envy of many and he continues to work exceptionally hard”.
  • “Clients admire his simple-to-understand advice and brilliant tactics. A true master of litigation”.

Chambers UK | 2022 Edition

  • “Hamraj Kang is an exceptionally bright and brilliant lawyer”.
  • “He has the ability to grasp matters quickly and change the course of a case with innovative thinking”.
  • “A standout lawyer, he offers clients the benefit of his vast experience and tenacious approach in cases of the utmost gravity”.
  • “He comes with an ability to get to the heart of a case in short order”.
  • “He is a huge asset to any defence team”.
  • “He oozes quality and is an impressive and masterful opponent in financial investigations”.
  • “He is adept at handling both domestic and cross-border matters”.

Chambers UK | 2021 Edition

  • “He is a very astute, clever, and tactically brilliant solicitor” … “adept at handling both domestic and cross-border matters”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is a pre-eminent figure in the market known for his work on complex criminal investigations involving tax evasion, pension fraud and money laundering.”
  • “He is a true leader in the market for financial crime.”
  • “He had fantastic attention to detail and inspires a lot of confidence in his clients and colleagues alike”.
  • “He has got good judgement, good instincts. Is hard-working and provides excellent client care”.
  • “He is incredibly industrious and does not just rely on his undoubtedly natural talent to win a case, but he puts in all the hard work as well”.

Legal 500 | 2021 Edition

  • “Hamraj Kang continues to be recognised as one of the eminent solicitors in the country as he is once again ranked as a ‘leading individual’ for his considerable work both in crime and white-collar fraud.”
  • The Legal 500 notes that: “Hamraj Kang heads the team and is experienced in defending cases brought by the SFO, HMRC, FCA, BEIS, Environment Agency and Trading Standards”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is an iconic leader in the criminal and regulatory field, always ahead of the field in his business planning and service to clients”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is exceptionally highly rated and has a real instinct as to how best to fight a case and offers no-nonsense and practical advice”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is an excellent lawyer and a master tactician”.
  • “Hamraj Kang is extremely proactive with impeccable judgment”.
  • “Hamraj leads by example…works very hard and has great judgment”.

What the previous editions of the Legal Directories said about Hamraj:


Chambers UK | 2020 Edition

  • “An absolute class act.”
  • “Hamraj Kang comes highly recommended for his expertise in complex financial crime cases”.
  • “He is masterful in his tactics on cases and brilliant at dealing with complex technical matters with unerring ease.”
  • “He is a brilliant communicator and a fearsome opponent.”
  • “He has significant experience in both civil and criminal proceedings and confiscation processes”.

Legal 500 | 2020 Edition

  • “Clients simply love him and he is a seriously good lawyer.”
  • “He intuitively understands criminal and serious fraud litigation.”
  • “Hamraj Kang sets the highest standards for his team”
  • “His client base is very strong both nationally and internationally.”
  • “Hamraj Kang leads from the front and inspires others by demanding of himself that which he requires from his staff.”

Chambers UK | 2019 Edition

  • “Star Individual – Hamraj Kang is hailed for his comprehensive expertise in financial crime cases, including fraud and money laundering matters.”
  • Sources describe him as “very thoughtful and astute,” adding that “there is little he does not know in the area of fraud work.”
  • “He is widely renowned for his criminal defence practice, which includes significant expertise in POCA and asset forfeiture matters”.
  • Sources describe him as a “fantastic legal brain” and also add: “He handles the largest confiscation cases with great flair and style. Clients value his clear thinking and technical brilliance.”

Legal 500 | 2018 Edition

  • Managing partner Hamraj Kang leads the practice and ‘demands and provides the highest standards of service to his clients’ and is ‘a well-respected and sought after solicitor who retains a down to earth attitude to his colleagues and clients.’
  • Hamraj Kang leads the practice and is ‘an exceptional lawyer’ and ‘a true role model for his staff.’
  • Hamraj Kang heads the team, he is ‘a master of white-collar crime and fraud work’ and is ‘a very dedicated individual and superbly talented in defending complex fraud cases’.

Chambers UK | 2018 Edition

  • “A great lawyer and a great team leader – you would want him on your side”
  • “Hamraj Kang has developed an unprecedented reputation in the Midlands for white-collar and financial crime.”
  • “He offers deep experience in handling MTIC proceedings before HMRC, as well as tax fraud matters more broadly”
  • “A leading figure who is unquestionably at the top of his game in every respect”
  • “Hamraj Kang is an expert in fraud and serious criminal cases”
  • “He is a very experienced and dedicated lawyer who has worked on many of the largest confiscation cases in the country in recent years”
  • “He has a natural rapport with clients”
  • “He has the ability to provide clients with a clear road map in even the most difficult cases”

Legal 500 | 2017 Edition

  • “The leader of the pack when it comes to criminal fraud work”
  • “Hamraj Kang – the doyen of complex fraud work”
  • “Clients single out Hamraj Kang as charismatic; he is a superbly clever lawyer and key player”
  • “Team head Hamraj Kang is a brilliant strategic thinker with a razor-sharp eye for case preparation”

Chambers UK | 2017 edition

  • “Hamraj Kang receives glowing praise from interviewees, who describe him as a genuinely talented lawyer who is passionate about his work.”
  • “Hamraj Kang is recognised for his astute command of financial crime and POCA work.”
  • “He is great to talk to, very down to earth and realistic about a case.”
  • “He will tell the client what the odds are, giving both good and bad news so they can make an informed decision.”

Legal 500 | 2016 Edition

  • “Kangs Solicitors’ head of practice Hamraj Kang is a ‘top-class operator’ and has defended a number of private clients in high-profile cases nationwide involving money laundering and tax evasion charges.”
  • “Practice head Hamraj Kang is both an astute businessman and a great tactician”
  • “Hamraj Kang, who ‘has a superb grasp of complex and demanding cases’, heads the team at Kangs Solicitors”

Legal 500 | 2015 Edition

  • “Hamraj Kang is a giant in this field of work and a forceful and fearless litigator”
  • “Team headed by the superb Hamraj Kang”

Chambers UK | 2015 Edition

  • “He has great rapport with his clients, is technically astute and takes time to explain matters with care and consideration”
  • “Hamraj Kang is a stand out lawyer…his technical knowledge is impressive combined with his passion for client care”
  • “Kangs has a team of POCA lawyers with considerable experience and strength in depth. The high-quality multi million pound work that the firm is regularly instructed in is indicative of the high-quality lawyers that work in the team”
  • “Kangs provides high-quality advice to individual defendants in connection with confiscation proceedings and restraint orders. The team is well versed in representing clients before the Court of Appeal, Crown Court and ECHR”
  • “Hamraj Kang is a standout lawyer for POCA work. His technical knowledge is impressive combined with his passion for client care”

Chambers UK | 2014 Edition

  • “He is a very astute tactician who strives hard to win cases for his clients”
  • “A man of considerable experience, with an excellent reputation for knowing the ins and outs of a criminal fraud case”
  • “Hamraj is very good at putting the client at ease and talking them through the procedure”
  • “Sources praise Hamraj Kang as a ‘serious professional’ with a ‘tremendous wealth of contacts’. He offers clients a wealth of experience in the criminal law and related fraud work.”
  • “Fantastic senior partner and founder of Kangs Solicitors Hamraj Kang focuses his practice on substantial fraud cases. He recently acted for a defendant in relation to a much reported construction fraud prosecution.”

Legal 500 | 2014 edition

  • “Hamraj Kang is noted for his very sharp legal brain”

Legal 500 | 2013 Edition

  • “Hamraj Kang is a shrewd tactician and very experienced”

Chambers UK | 2012 edition

  • “Hamraj Kang ‘has a nationwide reputation in white-collar crime’ due in part to his ‘natural empathy with clients’ and his ‘hard work that is second to none.’ He has particular expertise in high-value MTIC fraud cases.”

Legal 500 | 2012 edition

  • “London-based Hamraj Kang has a ‘sharp legal brain’, and is experienced in white-collar crime and serious fraud cases”

Chambers UK | 2012 edition

  • “Hamraj Kang is lauded for the strength of his client care”
  • “Head of department for serious crime Hamraj Kang is also known for his work in fraud. Sources are keen to emphasise his abilities in handling a broad spectrum of serious crime such as technically complex murder cases”
  • “Hamraj Kang has the ability to win clients’ confidence almost immediately due to his experience, technical knowledge and personality”

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