Following the announcement on 15th September 2016 of changes to the First Tier Tribunal (Immigration & Asylum Chamber) fees from 10th October 2016, new fees will apply to Immigration and Asylum Appeal cases lodged on or after 10th October 2016.

This represents an increase of over 500% in the level of court fees payable upon lodging an appeal against a Home Office Immigration decision.

The New Fees | Solicitors for Immigration Appeals

The range of fees for an Appeal to the First Tier Tribunal is:

  1. Paper Hearing – £490 (formerly £80).
  2. Oral hearing before an Immigration Judge- £800 (formerly £140).
  3. Application to the First Tier Tribunal for Permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal based on an alleged error of law in the original decision – £445 (formerly, no charge).

Additionally, an application to the Upper Tribunal for permission to Appeal to the Upper Tribunal which attracted no fee now carries a charge of £350 for permission to appeal to the Upper Tribunal and a further fee of £510 for the Appeal Hearing.

If, however, an appeal succeeds in the Immigration Tribunal the Home Office, the appeal fee will be repaid.

There are some exceptional circumstances whereby an applicant may be entitled to an exemption or a reduction in fees but this will be at the discretion of the Lord Chancellor.

Who will be affected by these fee increases?

The increased fees will affect all applicants including:

  • those applying for family members to join them/or remain in the United Kingdom with family and
  • illegal over-stayers.

The Home Office has already raised fees for applications made by those classed as illegal immigrants. Additionally, the Immigration Health Surcharge is also payable to the NHS before any application can be made.

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