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A Jury acquitted our client within 50 minutes.

Our client is a family man with children and a hard working taxi driver. He was charged with sexual assault following an accusation by a female passenger. The accusation was that he picked up a fare that was booked with the Taxi Company that he worked for, during early hours of the morning.

However it was alleged that he deliberately pressed “No Show” on his system and picked up the female passenger who asked him to drop her off as close to her house as he could with the money that she had. She did not have enough for the full fare. During the journey the passenger asked to be taken to a cash point but she explained that she could not get any money from the cash point due to having insufficient funds. It was further alleged that as she was walking away our client persuaded her to return by telling her that he could not leave her stranded and that he would drop her off.

When he dropped her off, the female passenger alleged that he parked up and blocked her exit from his cab in a quite road where he sexually assaulted her.

Our Client had reported that the customer had not paid her fare to the dispatcher and also confirmed the name of the street. He also reported the stop that he had made at the cashpoint and confirmed that she had not paid the full fare. He had even told the next customer about the previous passenger not paying the fare.

Our client was arrested and interviewed by the police and provided a full account and denied ever touching the female passenger. Our client had never faced any criminal charges prior to this and was a man of good character. He never had any complaints made about him to his taxi company or to the local Taxi Licensing Department in all the years that he had been working as a taxi driver. He was the sole breadwinner for his family and due to these accusations his taxi license was suspended.

Kangs Solicitors prepared the case with care and precision. We took the clients full instructions and went through the maps and the GPS showing the route taken by the taxi and identified where the taxi had stopped en route. Kangs also obtained the client`s phone billing record to further support his case. Kangs also called the passenger from the next fare as a defence witness.

Our client pleaded not guilty and had a trial at the Crown Court at which our client gave evidence. At the end of the trial the jury having deliberated on the matter for under 50 minutes returned a unanimous verdict of Not Guilty. Our client was acquitted of all charges.

This was a case that could have resulted in life changing consequences for our client had he been found guilty of this alleged crime. At Kangs Solicitors we understand the pressures faced by clients in such circumstances and the attention to detail and commitment a client will require from his or her legal team to ensure a successful result. We are happy to assist clients facing such allegations so please free feel to contact us.

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