The Serious Fraud Office (‘SFO’) is a non-ministerial government department which investigates and prosecutes serious or complex fraud and corruption.

On 10th April 2018, the SFO announced that it now has available the support of artificial Intelligence to assist in the identification, examination and process of potentially relevant material in case preparation.

How Will Robocop Assist? | Kangs SFO Defence Solicitors

During the course of investigation and case preparation, the SFO regularly instructs independent barristers to sift through and examine mountains of potentially relevant paperwork that may be of a privileged or sensitive nature which the SFO is not permitted to see.

The newly acquired ‘robot’ ‘is able to handle this sensitive material, recognise revealing trends and patterns, group information together by any particular subject , organise timelines , remove duplicates and it will eventually be able to sift for relevancy and remove those documents unrelated to an investigation or, ultimately, prosecution.

The SFO has commented:

“A.I. technology will help us to work smarter, faster and more effectively investigate and prosecute economic crime.

Advances in A.I. technology, the ability to review and analyse vast amounts of information, and provide timely and meaningful insights will forever change the way the legal profession operates.”

“The Serious Fraud Office is leading the way in the use of digital technology to investigate economic crimes, and OpenText is excited to partner with them as they look for truly revolutionary ways to use the lasted advancements across the organisation

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