In an article posted to this website entitled Stalking Protection | Kangs Criminal Defence Solicitors we commented upon the enactment of the Stalking Protection Act 2019 (‘the Act’) which provided for the making of a ‘Stalking Protection Order’ (‘a SPO’) against a defendant who, inter alia, poses a risk associated with stalking.

The Act came into force in January 2020 and Government has recently carried out a review of its provisions upon which Sukhdip Randhawa of Kangs Solicitors now comments.

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Stalking Protection Act 2019 | Kangs Stalking Offences Defence Solicitors

The Act introduced six criminal offences:

  • Breach of a [full or interim] SPO without reasonable excuse.
  • Failure without reasonable excuse to notify the police with required personal details within three days of being served with a [full or interim] SPO.
  • Failure without reasonable excuse to notify the police of a name not already notified within three days of beginning to use that name.
  • Failure without reasonable excuse to notify the police of a new address within three days of moving there.
  • Failure to comply with the request of a police officer or other authorised person to provide fingerprints, photographs or both.
  • Providing information relating to the notification requirements which is known to be false.

Report & Review Findings | Kangs Stalking Order Advice Solicitors

The Government Report found that:

  • generally, SPOs worked well,
  • respondents felt that SPOs were effective in reducing the risk of stalking,  
  • 439 interim and full SPOs were granted between the 20 January 2020 and 19 January 2021,   
  • the police were including more Prohibited Requirements than Positive Requirements attached to SPOs. 

Meanwhile, Cheshire Police conducted research entitled ‘Impact of the Stalking Protection Order’  which found, inter alia, that:

  • the process for obtaining a SPO is slow and bureaucratic,
  • the manner of implementation of SPOs was at the discretion of individual forces,
  • there is an apparent North/South distinction in the prevalence of SPOs,
  • there is a preference for pursuing a Prosecution rather than seeking a SPO, 
  • it is not considered that the impact of the Covid Pandemic was the most significant barrier causing the slow application process for SPOs,
  • the majority of Interim SPOs orders did not include positive requirements to be fulfilled,
  • there have been few cases where breaches of SPOs have resulted in offenders being charged and prosecuted through the criminal courts. 

Official Recommendations | Kangs Criminal Defence Lawyers

With the clear intent to encourage greater implementation of SPOs, both Interim and Full Orders, the Home Office has confirmed:

  • it will work with charities to identify examples of SPO good practice to raise awareness amongst police forces and their legal teams,   
  • there will be continuing guidance on how to monitor and manage a SPO,
  • Chief Constables of forces which have applied for five or fewer SPOs will be encouraged to adopt the process more readily,
  • further guidance will be provided for Magistrates and legal advisers,
  • early listings of SPO Hearings to enable quick and early protection for victims will be encouraged,
  • it will publish periodical SPO data. 

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