Counterfeit Goods and Forgery | KANGS Fraud Offences Defence Solicitors
Counterfeit consumer goods are goods which have been made or sold under a brand name belonging to another without the permission of that owner. Such goods are, typically, of inferior quality and those selling them commit a number of offences including infringement of trademark, patent or copyright by passing off such fake goods as original […]
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The Sentencing Council has published new Sentencing Guidelines (‘the guidelines’) in respect of the offences of Criminal Damage and Arson which will become effective in both the Magistrates’ and Crown Courts. Nazaqat Maqsoom of Kangs Solicitors comments on the guidelines which come in to effect from the 1st October 2019. The Guidelines | Kangs Sentencing […]
Scrap metal consists of recyclable materials arising from many sources such as motor vehicles and domestic products and, unlike scrap waste, it has a monetary value which, historically, has frequently led to criminal activity in its acquisition and disposal. John Veale of Kangs Solicitors comments upon the current legislation. The Legislation | Kangs Solicitors Regulatory […]

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